How does it taste when our "life seek" (busca vida) is mixed with the ones of who we love the most? It can take ice, fruits, spices, tricks, tips... when we "seek life" together with our dear ones, only love and celebration can't be left aside!

Here at our colaborative menu, we all can suggest the best ways to enjoy our "life seek" (busca vida) together with our dearest!

Just take a picture of your Busca Vida Drink, and share at Instagram, adding to comments:
1. Drink's name
2. Ingredients/Mode of preparation
3. The friend's profiles, who enjoy seeking this tasty life with you
4. And #nossabusca

Done! Then, your Busca Vida Drink can be enjoyed and shared throughout all our Busca Vida Family! :)

After all, this is "our seek" (nossa busca)! ;)